Of accompanying (assisting) persons with disabilities and people with limited mobility when visiting the State enterprise «National Sports Complex» Olimpiyskiy»


1.1. The order (hereinafter — the Procedure) for accompanying (assisting) persons with disabilities and people with limited mobility (hereinafter — PEOPLE) when visiting the state enterprise «National Sports Complex «Olimpiyskiy» (hereinafter — NSC) is developed in accordance with the requirements of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Law of Ukraine, «On the Basics of Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities in Ukraine», Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 401 of 02.12.2017 «On Amending Paragraph 3 of the Regulations on the National Institution of Ukraine», as well as measures based on the state building codes of Ukraine «Accessibility of buildings and structures for people with limited mobility» and the UEFA regulations.

1.2. The aim of PROCEDURE is to ensure the implementation of the state policy for creating an unhindered environment for people who need help on the territory of the NSC, ensuring the right of PEOPLE for unhindered access to NSC facilities, the convenience and comfort of their stay, creating conditions for quality service, the ability for PEOPLE to have an independent way of life and attend cultural and sports events or visits to the facilities of the sports complex.

1.3. The PROCEDURE defines the organization of escort and assistance to persons in need on the territory of the NSC during cultural and sporting events.

1.4. The PROCEDURE is posted on the official website of the NSC, and it is located in the places specially designated as the entrance gates and checkpoints for PEOPLE, determined by this Procedure.


2.1. During the mass cultural and sports events.

2.1.1. In order to obtain proper support (assistance) to PEOPLE when they attend mass cultural and sports events taking place on the territory of the NSC, PEOPLE need to have a ticket for the event and arrive to the specially provided turnstiles, namely the turnstiles North — 2, West — 1, South (if necessary) as minimum 30 minutes before the kick off.

2.1.2. Stewards, who conduct an inspection of the spectators at the entrance turnstiles for PEOPLE, inspect them and their guides, as well as find out if PEOPLE need to be accompanied by the stewards. At the same time, PEOPLE are explained to the ways of passage to the specially designated places for them or places indicated in the tickets, the location of the specialized toilet rooms, the medical assistance points (hereinafter — special rooms) on the territory of the NSC. If necessary, the stewards themselves or with guide escort PEOPLE to the place indicated in the ticket on the territory of the NSC or special premises.

2.1.3. If necessary, and by prior arrangement with PEOPLE or their guides, the stewards ensure the escort of PEOPLE to leave the territory of the NSC after the events.

2.1.4. In case PEOPLE need help and have a ticket to a place that is not specifically provided for them, the stewards accompany PEOPLE to the place indicated in the ticket.

2.1.5. In case of emergency event, the stewards must ensure evacuation and escort of PEOPLE.

2.2. In the ordinary operational course of the NSC.

2.2.1. In case of PEOPLE’s request to meet the CEO of the NSC or to visit the territory of the NSC (including stadium tours, exhibitions, fairs, etc.), PEOPLE contact the security officer and stewarding management regime (hereinafter — Security and Regime Workers), providing access control to the territory of the NSC at such points: entrance gate North-1, West-2, check-in from Laboratornyi av.

2.2.2. Security officers are required to explain to PEOPLE (or guides) the route of passage to the needed place on the territory of the NSC. In case if PERSON needs escort security officers report about the request to the security shift supervisor which directs the relevant NSC workers to provide escorts.

2.3. PEOPLE with guide dogs have the right to enter the NSC and its facilities at the time of mass cultural and sports events.

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